Welcome to Little Feet Day Care/Preschool

Welcome to Little Feet Day Care/Preschool 

Little Feet Day Care/Preschool is located in friendly Wellington Hills Estates within the city limits of Woodinville.

We provide a loving, caring home program where the children grow in their understanding and respect for each other and learn to make positive choices towards independent growth and development.

We teach children to help themselves by learning life skills like getting shoes/coat on and off, finding their personal belongings in their cubbies, returning toys where they belong, washing hands, using inside voices and inside feet. 

We have recently been rated at a level 3 and recognized as having achieved a "Quality Level of Excellence" with specialization of Curriculum and staff supporter. Learn more information about this program by going to http://www.del.wa.gov/publications/elac-qris/docs/Early_Achievers_2-pager.pdf​